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Employer Faq’s

You'll Find Answers Here!

  • 01. What Kind of Services Offer?

    We offer Temporary Hire, Temporary Talent, Direct Hire & Staff training & skills testing staffing solutions.

  • 02. How Do I Start Hiring?

    Place your job order and one of our project coordinators will schedule a call with you to discuss your hiring needs.

  • 03. What is the Job Approval Process?

    You should receive an email confirmation from one of our project coordinators within 24 hrs after we are done reviewing your job order.

  • 04. Why is the Job I Posted Not Approved Yet?

    Our project coordinators may still need more information from you to complete your job post.

  • 05. What is the Refund Policy?

    Our finance team will review your request first and contact you regarding your refund.

  • 06. What is Contractual Staffing?

    Contract staffing is a hiring arrangement where individuals are hired only on terms specifically set out in a contract.